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Requirements in English

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B | Start a new game (Claude)
B | Start a new game (Rena)

B | Defeat Alen Tax
B | Recover the stolen weapon in Lacour

B | Fight Dias in the Lacour Tournament
B | Defeat Shin
B | Fight Metatron
B | Complete Disc 1
B | Reach Central City
B | Obtain the Psynard
B | Complete Yuuki no Field
B | Complete Chi no Field
B | Complete Chikara no Field
B | Complete Ai no Field
B | Complete the events in the Monshouheiki Kenkyuujo
S | Defeat Zaphkiel
B | Complete the events in L'Aqua
G | Complete the game (Claude)
G | Complete the game (Rena)
S | Defeat Gabrie Celesta
G | Defeat Iselia Queen
S | Defeat Gabriel (limiter off)
B | Celine joins the party (permanently)
B | Precis joins the party
B | Complete Ashton's side quest
B | Welch joins the party *4
B | Opera joins the party
B | Bowman joins the party
B | Ernest joins the party
B | Dias joins the party (permanently)
B | Leon joins the party (permanently)
B | Noel joins the party (permanently)
B | Chisato joins the party
B | Max party (8 permanent characters)
B | Purchase a skill set
B | Learn a Tokugi
B | Create an item
B | Learn a Super Tokugi
B | Learn all Super Tokugis
B | Use Come on, Bunny unsuccessfully a bunch of times
B | Use Pickpocket successfully numerous times on both Expel and Nede *1
B | Escape from battle 10 times

B | Get angered during battle (10 times?)
B | 100 successful Guts rolls *2
B | Perform a Renzokuwaza (Link Combo)
B | Beat Yarma in the Cooking Master mini-game *3
S | Win an item at the Bunny Races
S | Beat Duel Battle - Rank A


- *1: Stealing 20 items on both Expel and Nede is enough.

- *2: Not sure if this is about critical hits or defend rolls or both. In any case, you're guaranteed to get it organically as you get other trophies.
- *3: You can challenge Yarma after beating the mini-game a bunch of times (five?). Equip the Bannoubouchou and Beret Bou. The opponent will have a score between 800-1200. Higher Pressure decreases your odds of success, so get it very low before you try to work on the rare ingredients that are worth more points, but also harder to cook. Pressure drops from successful cooking and also from receiving rare ingredients. While strategy is fairly important, in the end it all comes down to luck. You need to get lucky and get rare ingredients quickly enough and you need to get lucky and successfully cook about 15 of those.
- *4: Start a PA at Lacour after the tournament to get Welch. Requires 4 characters.


Beating the super bosses will be much easier in this version, since the AI no longer considers floating enemies to be flying enemies.


Oh, and not sure if everyone gets this, but for me the game always automatically highlights the least recent save file in the save data screen. I played the game with both characters at the same time, so I had to be really careful whenever I saved the game. It helps, if you know how they write Claude and Rena in Japanese.

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Late to the party here, but thanks to the TC for translating the trophies.


They look pretty standard. Nothing about the higher difficulties (which I expected, since the plat% is so high). Unlocking the difficulties was a real pain in this game (voice clips were all the rage for Tri-Ace back on the PS1).

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