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Errm - What Is This?


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Uhh... This is wildly a first for me: Trophies unveiled, but *absolutely ZERO* anything else about the game. Period.


Google it: No info, previews, summaries, official page, Tweets, videos or trailers, or anything else of the sort. It's like the game that doesn't exist, save only every trophy site showing up for search results.


So, then, much like I said: What is this game? What genre, info, release date, VR or no VR, etc. Due to the total black hole on this title, I can only assume we're looking at some asset pilfering money grab by someone in their mom's basement, because I can't really say as though I've ever come across any game that has trophies announced without any other word/media out about it. Not a good foot to get off of, that's for sure!

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I clicked on one of the new games that appeared on this website, which happened to be this game. Decided to look up what the game was about. Nothing.

I thought my searching skills was awful, but then few days later your post shows up and now I really wonder if this game even exists....

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