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Legendary Difficulty


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How you guys/girls doing on the new legendary difficulty? I started a new charcter the day the patch went out, i have to admit i died so much at the beginning where 1 hit could kill you, it wasn't even funny. But as i leveled up around 30 and had decent smithing it wasnt as bad. Now around level 49.5 i still can die very easily from power attacks if you don't upgrade properly. Destruction is all but useless unless you boost it, other than that i upgrade pretty regularly. Then there's the dragon's. Watch youtube videos, and you'll see even some really good armor can't handle one hit from a dragon. But they are beatable, like the Demon's Souls bosses beatable.

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It's not about the difficulty. The difficulty was there pre patched. legendary patch pretty much removes the level cap, by allowing you to reset skill trees and keep leveling.

 Legendary was not there pre patched, the highest was master before this patch. Only on PC was legendary available and that wasn't until about a month ago.

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