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Easy 10,000 points? Resonance Blaze finisher only?

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11 hours ago, illgrillchill said:

What attack combo is the twirling attack?

I did the same in Vs with 2 controllers used 2nd character to defeat their first (and build meter) then their second to defeat my 2nd (still building meter). Then did what you see in the video: 22B × 5 or 4 + 22A - Resonance Blaze - 236BC. Worked for me. It never seemed to work in training for me so I switched to vs.

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Susanoo have a 11K+ combo in his tactics mode. It's pretty easy, no need to jump cancel or crouching + it's in a corner. Check this video (06:30).

But because I'm lazy and I know my BlazBlue, just pick Hakumen and do a distortion cross combination with any character, but you'll need at least 4 in your special gauge.

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