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Couch’s Elimination Events – Survivor Style Season Two - 18 Spots Remain

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HA! You thought this event would be run by Couch, but it was really run by ME, CHAIRY! That's right! There's a new piece of furniture in town, and this time, things are going to be a whole lot different! Challenges will be crazier, twists will be more abundant and unexpected, and history will be made!


Huh? You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, allow me to you a quick history lesson before we begin.


History of PSNP Survivor:


Not too long ago, trophy event creators on PSNP were few and far between. Fewer still managed to maintain successful events, but someone who really knew his stuff went by the name of @Couch. A true craftsman when it came to elimination-based events, Couch highlighted his creator career one year ago by recreating the reality show, Survivor, in trophy format.


Over 14 weeks, 16 brave warriors stepped into the battlefield, making few friends and lots of enemies. Along with my faithful companions, @GlennRhee and @Enma8910, we overcame many obstacles and narrowly defeated every alliance targeted against us. Times were good, but as the weeks went on, I couldn't help but feel that I went too far at times, maybe to the point of ruining the event for some.


By the time Season One was over, I knew that I had to help mod Couch's next event to make up for some of my more...distasteful actions. Weeks went by, then months, then a year, but no new events came. Couch unexpectedly needed to retire, so my chance for redemption never came to be. Well, not until now that is.


Though don't think I'm doing this out of sympathy or anything, because those feelings have long subsided. I simply miss my own days as a creator and want to stir up some fun for everyone! :giggle:

This season, 18 fierce competitors will duke it out over the course of 17 weeks for the chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS (-$999,999,950 = FIFTY DOLLARS)! I know 17 weeks is a long time, but don't worry. Most weeks will have two rest days (some even having three). Here's how a typical week will go down:

  • Every Tuesday, I will introduce either all or part of the events doing on that week. No competing will be going on per say, but competitors should probably check the thread for decisions they need to make that week (such as choosing team orders).
  • Wednesday-Sunday will be competition days. Unlike last season, not every week will have a reward challenge. There will also be weeks where the reward challenge will be one day, but the immunity challenge will be three (with a break day in between). There can even be two immunity challenges in the same week. You won't know until the week happens, so stay on your toes!
  • Monday will almost always be an elimination day. I may also drop some hints as to what will happen in the upcoming week, though it's not likely.
  • Days will start and end using the timezone, EST (GMT-5). I know this is kind of odd, but that's just how my schedule works out.


As I alluded to above, every week will end in an elimination. The voting rules are pretty much the same as last season, but here's a refresher:

  • The vote starts when the immunity challenge ends and ends at 11 PM Monday night.
  • If you do not vote, you will have a penalty vote the next week. In the event that someone absolutely cannot vote, please leave a pm a mod to work out a special exception.
  • I can't stop competitors from not trying (stuff happens), but outright forfeiting a challenge results in a penalty vote.
  • If you're voted out after the merge, you'll be put on the jury that'll decide the winner at the end of the season.
  • There will be one, ONE idol throughout the course of the game. It's fairly simple to earn, so I won't be giving any hints as to how to get it. The idol can be used when voting up until only four people remain.
  • In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker is determined first by the amount of votes for each contestant throughout the season, then by scores in the most recent immunity challenge.
  • When comparing scores, tie-breakers are determined first by platinum count, then by whoever earned their last point first.
  • If you do decide to vote in the thread, please be civil about it.


Of course, point systems and challenge logistics will vary from challenge to challenge, but that's all I'll say for now. I don't want to ruin all of the surprises I have in store. :giggle: My goal is to have this started by July 17th, but the date really depends on how quickly people sign up (it most likely won't start much sooner though). In the meantime, if anyone wants to join the Supreme Survivor Admin Team, please message me. Most of the events are already planned out, but I need an extra creative mind or two to help work out the kinks.


If anyone has any questions, please let me know.




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