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Version of the HK store

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Has anyone some information whether the version on the Hong Kong store is the "NA" version of the game? I'm asking because I've already platted the EU version and want to stack the NA version. While the game is currently on sale during the Days of Play promotion in Europe and Hong Kong, the sale in the US does not include it (like many other). The HK price is quite tempting (~15€, if I'm not mistaken), hence my question.


I've looked through a few earned trophies and it seems to be likely that the asian stores sell the NA version, but can anyone confirm this?

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It's most likely NA. Most Asian games share the NA region's list since they're both NTSC not PAL like Europe, Oceania & the Middle East.


Re: Days of Play sale - it's very disappointing here in NA at least digitally. The physical sales are pretty good especially the controllers.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, regarding the games the sale is a disappointment. After I saw the lineup of the European sale I was hoping for a similar list, but no....

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