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Upgrade ALL huts? (spoilers)


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Hi everyone :) not sure if it’s a bug or I’m just blind.. I captured the Izila fort and Roshani and left him in the cage in the village whilst I completed the rest of the main story. However now I can’t find him in my village anywhere? I would like to upgrade his hut for the skills/trophies and I have looked EVERYWHERE multiple times. I’ve had a google and it might possibly be a glitch but I couldn’t find anywhere that says where abouts he would be in the village. I’d hate to make a new save just to get him again, I’d love to plat this and upgrading all the huts again will be far too time consuming for me to do :(

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after combing the village for the millionth time i found him!! he isn’t in a cave, he is in his cage on the very outskirts of the village on the left :) i’ve literally spent the last 2 days looking for him in between completing other quests.


thank you everyone who commnted though!

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