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Trophies not working.

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Hay guys. I’m having a problem with two trophies.


The problem isn’t exactly with the trophy, it’s with the game itself.


The game WON’T show me anyone else’s name on billboard, so I can’t get billboard trophy.


And it WON’T give me autolog recommendations from friends so I can’t get the autolog trophy.


I have been trying to plat this game since over two years! Can someone help? Has anyone has a similar issue?


Thank you ??

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On 13/10/2018 at 10:26 PM, EdwardCookie said:


No use. 


Tried this. Reinstalled it over and over.


I just give up. 2639.png

The game had some buggy trophies such as climbing the leaderboards. I shutdown Alpha Romeo with the latest patch and climbing the leaderboard didn't pop. Sometimes the faces on the billboard didn't show up even though I had more than 5 NFS friends to smash their faces. I would say delete the patches (have a backup from your save if you don't want to start from the scratch once you get the bugged trophies out of the way) from the game and play a little on 1.00 version. After some progress (shutting down Alpha Romeo) I suggest updating the game and trying again. If you need an Origin/PSN friend for billboards, feel free to add me and hopefully I had a couple billboards that are easy to smash/beat record on, or try playing some public games to see if you can get a friend there and invite them to your custom speedlist to test out.

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