File Containing Screenshots of Missions 8, 9 and 10 Mission Objectives for all base game characters

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While working on the vita version of this game, along the way I was screenshotting the mission objectives to see what was required on one screen rather than having to scroll through a long list of inputs on the game and memorise it. The file contains screenshots of every character's Mission 8, 9 and 10, I edited the images so all the inputs appear in one image, so you can see that rather than having to refer to the in-game mission objective. 


The images are identifiable by file name, e.g. Akuma's 8th mission will have the file name "Akuma Mission 8" when you open the folder. A few times I also include Mission 7 for some characters, that is because the input list for those specific missions had a lot of commands, so it was better to have them in one image.


Below is an example by showing Phoenix's Mission 10:



You can download the file here: 


Every version of the game, excluding the vanilla version has the exact same mission objectives for each character. I didn't include Jill and Shuma-Gorath because I was only screen-shotting images for the vita version, where I did not have DLC, but maybe in the future I'll add Jill and Shuma, probably when I've done the PS4 version of the game. This simply makes your life a bit easier by allowing you to know that you've actually performed the right moves. 


The screenshots only show what the game shows, which means all the important stuff like super-jump cancelling (also referred to as TK) aren't included, nor are inputs for the air dashes. But as a basic tip, any time you do need to do an air-dash, you need to press two punch buttons at the same time while in the air, like L+H, this will cause your character to dash and is much more reliable than tapping your d-pad. Air-dash Diagonal Down can also be done by holding :down:+:right: at the same time, then pressing 2 punch buttons, this will do the diagonal down dash reliably. It'll be your objective to refer to any external guides for more information about the game, like which moves can be super-jump cancelled, a lot of the time a move that causes your character to land on the ground, but also requires an air attack after landing requires you to do a super-jump cancel, to do that you need to add :up:+:right: to the end of your directional inputs and then input the last hit that performs that move, that often makes your character jump but perform the move that was required. Since there are 480 missions, that's too many for me to really write about at this time. 

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Flawless work Sergen, I'm using this for my platinum. Thanks a lot =)


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