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Zombie Vikings Free via quests [NA]


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9 minutes ago, rolltideroll157 said:

they must have single digit codes because I watched it as soon as it popped up and it told me they are all out lol

I agree. Its out the second its up. What a lame scam to get us all on that site. Lol

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37 minutes ago, DizzyDavidson said:

I tried yesterday but it was out and said try again tomorrow at 10am PST. I was on time today but they were already gone. WTF?

Do they have only one code for each day?

No idea, I'm guessing that the biggest amount of codes were released yesterday,  it was certainly more time, even i could lose my chance because i didn't read the description of the Vikings' one so i started doing quests i had pending first, after i redeemed mine i posted here, idk if someone could get a code.

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  • 1 year later...

a question for everybody who were lucky enought to get one: You stillhave the game in your library? Cause i deleted it a couple of weeks after i get it, then today i wanted to download it again but it says that i have to pay for it 11,99 euro from the ps store ?  If u got it and deleted take a look if you have to pay for it now..this is strange..


im from eu i see this is for NA..i found this.. i think is the same thing tho.

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