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[Major Spoilers] Facts about ‘not even once’


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Just wanted to shed some clarification: you just trully need to not “embrace” anyone for XP.


- DO NOT embrace any citizen (feed on them for XP points)


- You can charm or turn any district leader, as long as you dont feed on them you will gain the trophy (for example, I turned Sean and let Aloysius and Edgar die since I didnt want to turn them, and still got the trophy)


- DO NOT feed on the Vicar during Mary boss fight, since devs already said its designed to void the trophy if you feed on him, though some players still unlock the trophy, which is a bug actually, and that’s why some players moan about not unlocking it after


- PRO TIP, you can know if you are doing it well by some of the last chapters lines and various dialogues (for example, before the Disaster boss fight, Michael says you are not prepared since you still “resist to drink”. Also Jonathan will mention sometime earlier about how he hasn’t take a single life since his sister.

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5 hours ago, DarkHarmonixer said:

good to know. If no-one makes a guide I might take a stab at it once I start the game.

Powerpyx made a guide, though its essentially to just dont embrace anyone, and keep doing investigations and healing people so you don’t get too behind on XP, since some bosses are tough (also not turning into vampires saves you XP).


Just make sure to back-up on Chapter 1 for Clay Cox decision and then on Chapter 6 (here you will collect every weapon and collectible, which requires to kill most people, meanwhile you can turn all 4 districts hostile and then you just download back the save and complete the game, or viceversa).

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Do not turn Aloysius into a vampire..


powerpyx for some reason says in his guide to turn him. I did and it caused major problems for me.


If you do turn him he will kill everyone in that district which will void the usher hall tree investigation to obtain the dragonbane (bloody roots trophy) 


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It seems this game was meant to be played the way where you get the good ending where you travel the world with Elizabeth. I was level 29 at the end and I didn't even do all the side missions.


It's funny because I was gonna do all the side missions before the last battle but for some reason I read the journal. I seriously did it without thinking. I Was used to just opening the letters up real quick to get the hints. I guess in the end it doesn't matter because I had to do another playthrough to get all weapons and shit. So many are blocked behind killing people. It's crazy.


Anyways...Im glad I bought playstation plus for October so I could play this game. Finally bought another month so finished 30 min ago. Very interesting take on the vampire lore.

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