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What fun tidbits have you discovered in JWE?

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I'm really enjoying this game and wanted to know what things others have encountered that they were like, "That's cool!"


One of my favorite aspects is how each species needs a certain amount of grassland versus forest and whether it prefers to be in solitary confinement or have interactions with its own kind (social) or others (population). The Ankylosaurs are all solitary dinosaurs, but don't mind a small population, so you could have one of each species together for a variety of five dinosaurs (I already picked out an island and location where I plan on doing this enclosure). The Hadrosaurs; however, require herds and most of them need at least four of their own species to be satisfied. On the flip side, the Velociraptor is happy with just one friend while its other Dromaeosaurid, the Deinonychus, needs three to be happy and can even share its enclosure in harmony with the larger Metriacanthosaurus. Surprisingly, the Velociraptor and Deinonychus can't live together or they'll fight.


Also, I bred a Metriacanthosaurus with only 5% viability that destroyed the much larger T. Rex. On the aspect of reducing viability for a more appealing dinosaur, I think that if you watch the entire incubation (instead of doing other tasks while you wait) increases the chance that lower viable dinosaurs successfully incubate, as I watched the entire incubation of that Metriacanthosaurus.

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I just put success rate 3.0 and the dinosaurs will have bonus 90% viability since upgrades/mods can stack up.


Different carnivore species would fight to the death and too much carnivore dinosaurs of same species in the same enclosure will make them fight



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11 hours ago, ZireaelSan said:

Random question if you guys dont mind me asking but how is the gameplay? 

Don't mind at all. If you ever played JPOG, gameplay is very similar to it. This is kind of like a slow burn of a game in that it takes a while to turn profit and each new island you unlock, the funds you had from the previous island don't carry over. The first island you start with around 3 million, the fourth and fifth islands you start with around 6 million and the third island you actually start with a negative sum, so you need to sell stuff to get money to do anything. It's not without issues as it lags something fierce, but in terms of gameplay, it plays out pretty much like JPOG.

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