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Fallout New Vegas - Platinum Save File


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Apologies if this has been posted before.


I’m trying to plat this in one go!


At which point can I hard save so I don’t have to replay the whole game again, and it’s not too early that I don’t have to replay quests unnecessary?


I have read that you should save before you meet Benny at the Tops but it seems I could save later in the game. 


Also so does anyone have any tips for platting this in one go?





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I did it in basically one go- it's not too hard.


Don't anger any of the fractions and stay pretty neutral between them while doing any/all side missions and upgrading your character. Don't kill anyone or burn down any towns- once someone is dead, then there's no gaining their favor back (because they are dead and that's kinda permanent) Once you get to the inside of New Vegas, you'll get offers from each fractions as long as they don't hate you (and even if they do hate you, you might get the offers). IIRC, the game made it very obvious when you were hitting the point of no return by aligning with a fraction. (there might even be a pop-up) I don't think Benny at the Tops was a big point because 

iirc, that's where you meet the giant robot that gives you the option to be a freedom fighter. You still have all your options after you meet the robot.


The game is buggy, so you'll be doing a lot of hard saves anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about messing up as long as you don't anger the fire nation or whatever that fraction was called. I would recommend a separate runthrough for the casino trophy since otherwise it'll take forever. For that, put all your skill points in luck and speedrun to Dinosaur City and then straight to Vegas from there, going around any potentially dangerous areas. (It's pretty obvious on the map where Vegas is). You might die a few times, but if you keep running you should make it.


Bear in mind, it's been a few years since I last played this game, so my memory might be a bit foggy :P

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I think for you to get the plat easy you first get one of the legendary weapons first, at least one that is easy to get, if you get the golden sniper or the alien blaster you can basically be good for abit in the survival mode, the golden sniper is more the way as you need just 100 lockpicking and that is it, or you could maybe use the old cheat/ glitch in the game to hit the max level fast but you need to be on the unpatched one of the game.


If you do it right however you will be very op at the start of the game, I did it on my post plat and 100% as it is far more cooler to do it as it let me be op from the start and yeah, did the same in oblivion too, however am going off topic, go to vault 11 and follow this video but know you might want to have with you at least bombs or something as it might be abit of a hard fight.


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