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how is this easy?


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Tips say to use dash attack but half the time im stuck walking left and then i get stunlocked and its gameover. this is some of the most frustrating controls i have experienced. its like 1 slip up and its game over because you get stunlocked. Is there any other secret tips I dont know about? or do I have to grit my teeth and keep trying?

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Using the D-pad helped me. The dash should always work with the D-pad. & as someone else said there's a combo specifically for getting out of being locked in by the enemies. Just check the controls in game. 


Also going for the enemies that will throw things first seemed to help me. 


Good luck with it. 

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The thing is I cant dash left. If i do I get stuck walking left and cant move until I get hit. I can dash right though.


I didnt know you could break out of stun lock so that will be helpful.


Thank you all for your tips


except the one guy whos was kind of a dink. Ill stay neutral about you  lol.

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