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I maxed out the SkyForce Anniversary edition and so when this Reloaded went on sale I was happy to bag it


But after putting in a serious amount of time, I still cannot get very far in this game at all


I have played enough to upgrade the ship completely with everything and I have found all the cards, but I am still not able to get the final 3 pieces of the last two ships to pop even though I have played and replayed levels 6-9 on insane loads of times.


I also cannot beat level 13's end boss. I get past the bit where it fires the hoooj laser the first time and then I manage to destroy the outer pods, but as soon as it goes into its spin cycle with the four large lasers I am toast.


I will probably get level 5 and 10 beaten on insane with my meagre skill set, but is there anyone who has some pointers about how to farm the last few ship parts, or beat level 13?


I am hoping that it I can get the Octopus craft I might get a bit further, but at the moment this game just has me beat


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So after 50+ failed attempts I'm looking for some tips to beat the stage 13 boss on insane without taking damage. The big difference I see when I watch some YouTube video's is that the eyeball enemies never spawn in the video's. Starting from the missile stage eyeball enemies random appear, it either drops mines, shoots a laser or a bullet hell attack. These won't go away until I've beaten the boss. Sometimes they're gone in the final spinning laser stage. This is what makes beating this boss without taking damage very annoying. So is there a trick so that these don't spawn? Or some tips would be nice.


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Probably late to the "party," but I noticed that if you stay away from the center of the boss (the area with the eye) and stick to the edges of the screen or at least the lower part, the eyeball will not spawn. I finished the level yesterday on my third "insane" try. 


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