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I saw the game on YouTube when announced and I decided to buy it to play with my boyfriend.

Yesterday he spent all the money on every item he found interesting (some are useless). Then we noticed it was a roguelike game when we quit, returning to the last save with the same items and no more cash to spend.


Today, alone, I beat the first boss and I thought: Ok, now I can quit to my village and buy some stuff. Unfortunately, the game continues and I lost in level 2-1 and so I returned to the same place, with the same items, with no money.


Even being a roguelike game, I was expecting to have, at least, the money I got from the dungeon (like Rogue Legacy) to try and buy more items. But it doesn’t.


So my question is: do I have to survive all 10 levels and only then I can save all stuff I gathered from dungeons?


Im surprised that 60% of people already beated the game so easily :o



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