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Black Square DLC


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This DLC is a collection of 20 songs introduced in DJMax Portable Black Square, with BGA remastering and upscaling. It also includes a Black Square Edition-themed gear and UI.


LINK DISC have been added in the game. You can earn specific songs Depending on the type of DLC you’ve purchased, you can earn specific songs. And for the first time ever in DJMAX series, ‘Here in the Moment’ (Extended Ver.) Airwave (Extended Ver.) and SON OF SUN (Extended Ver.) will be added in the game.





- Proposed, Flower, Wolf Part.2
- Beat U Down
- Colours of Sorrow
- Cypher Gate
- Desperado
- Fermion
- Fever Pitch Girl
- Get Down
- Grave Consequence
- Heart of Witch
- In my Dream
- Jealousy
- Keys to the World
- Lovely hands
- Lover (BS Style)
- Ready Now
- Ruti'n
- Secret World
- Y (BS Style)

- Analys (DJMAX Respect original song)

- Always (Yogurting Online Original Soundtrack)





Preview of the Black Square UI, DLC missions and gear:





Let me know what your thoughts are on the Black Square DLC pack :)







Archive 30/06


A new teaser has been dropped on the latest DJMAX Respect DLC: Black Square. This DLC will be a compilation of songs introduced in DJMax Portable Black Square.






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