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Playstation Now Rare Bug?


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So, did a free trial of PS Now and decided to crush some games with easy trophies for the next 7 days. Things were going rather well until I got to Monkey Island Special Edition, basically I played all the way through unlocking trophies as I went thinking woot another 100% in the bag, I finish the game and find .....none of the trophies are in my profile 0_0, the game itself is not even in my trophy list....WTH (It's like I've never even played it)? Any help would be appreciated, known issues, etc.I synced my trophies to see if that would fix it, notta, restarted ps4, nope....anything else?


Edit: Nvm figured it out, all I had to do was re-open the game and close it a couple times (3 times) out of desperation for them to appear on my profile. -_-


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