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Help....Hero trophy won't pop


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I don't normally do this as info from just about any game is available if you search hard enough, but this time, I'm completely lost. I cannot figure out how to get this trophy to pop, or even what I'm supposed to do to make it pop. You're supposed to learn all character skills, which I have. I joined the Berserkers and I have learned every skill there is to learn. Literally. Combat, Survival, everything. I still can't get this to pop. Is it glitched?


I should add I used a money glitch and drank a ton of Elex potions. Not sure if it matters. Please help, because if I can't figure this out there's no point in me continuing with this game. I'm not starting over.

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the wording (or translation?) on this one is really misleading tbh.

you have to learn all those charisma/personality skills for the "Hero" trophy.


there is basically one trophy for every tab in you upgrade menu and the trophies are even sorted the same way... so the one for "Hero" should be just left of the Berserker skill menu, i think.

i also drank tons of elex potions after making a hard save and leveled up one category after another to get those out of the way quickly. there should be no problem with that.

just remember to get the low Coldness trophy ("Human") out of the way first, or restore your backup save after you did the leveling with elex potions.


good luck!


*edit*: should be this one:

Image result for ELEX skills


and of course make sure to upgrade every entry here to the max possible level! many skills have more than one level to them and those are easily overlooked :)

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Then I think it's definitely glitched because I went over every skill several times, but I'll check again. Thanks for the help.


Luckily I had saved before I even started drinking the potions, so maybe I can just try again.

Alright, I figured out what it was. I had an item equipped that already leveled me up in one of the skills. Remove that, leveled the skill and it popped. Phew. Now I can go back to being "human" again.

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