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GTA V PS3 friends

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Man I really hope this is the right forum spot to do this, if not terribly sorry. 


So I bought GTA V I guess last month for like $2 at Value Village and have been meaning to play it but I like to play multiplayer games with people I at least know maybe a little bit or at least know they won't be a d**k (sorry for that last part.) anyways I was wondering if maybe some of you guys who either are like me and still only have or prefer playing the PS3 version are interested I'd be happy to hangout and maybe if we're in the same boat and want to trophy hunt we can do that and d**k around a bit.


Sorry if I kind of did a roundabout on this I have a very bad habit of that, anyways if interested maybe send me a Friend Request on PSN and let me know that way since I will admit I forget about the forums here quite often so a message here might not be read until months or longer.

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I don't recommend you to play this game on PS3. It is full of hacked lobbies and modders who ruin the game for people now and the "Run Like The Wind" trophy isn't possible to do without a modder and since you'll have earned "Off the Plane" after the bounty feature stopped working, if you randomly earn Run Like The Wind then you'll likely get flagged for the game on your trophy list. The PS3 version also hasn't received any updates since 2015, so all the latest content isn't available on the game. I recommend if you want to play a stable version of the game, get it on PS4. 

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Ah, thanks for the heads up in advance I still haven't played it yet (sill downloading) so I might not play this (yet anyways) thanks :)


And yeah I guess I should've known since they probably don't have much moderators around now for the older version.


EDIT: Although I think I still might play the campaign and just stay away from multiplayer. 

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