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Hello, i would like to dispute a given flag for the game 36 Fragments of Midnight (VITA version).


36 Fragments of Midnight • Reason: "The Greatest Gift" and "This is BAD luck" are to close each other (2 seconds). It's impossible becouse to get "The Greatest Gift" You need to finish the game without die. You need to do another rum to earn "This is BAD luck" and die with 36 fragment. Even "The fastest one" and "Super fast" They are too close with "This is BAD luck". The game has no glitch, so look like CFW usage.


I would like to inform to guy who flagged me that there is a known glitch for the vita version of the game.

There is already a topic about on the forum. So it's a known problem and shouldn't be flagged for it. Link:


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Flag lifted.  Checked out link.  It seems common enough.  Closed.


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