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From the Ashes and Hardcore Mode.

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8 hours ago, rolltideroll157 said:

Are these dlcs free? And I'm actually looking forward to playing this game again loved it while I was going for the platinum minus the shot ton of bugs Of course lol

Only Hardcore mode is free

Finish the game in Hardcore mode with all negative perks?

Here I am!!! Can't wait!!! 

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I've been interested in Kingdom Come: Deliverance since prior to its release, however I haven't picked it up yet since I've heard it is a fairly glitchy experience. These new DLCs are tempting though, they look really fun, especially Hardcore mode.

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New features

* New game mode added - Hardcore mode.
* Combat rebalanced to make combat fairer to NPCs.
* Economy rebalanced to make trading even fairer to traders.
* Survival rebalanced to make Henry's death fairer to the environment.
* Some perks altered for HC mode.
* Minimalistic HUD.
* Tutorial messages removed.
* Player position removed from map and cardinal points removed from compass. Navigation is now reliant on landmarks and sun position.
* Quest markers are always visible on the map, but only visible on the compass when the player is near them.
* Autosaves are removed.
* Fast travel is disabled.
* Added special negative perks that are chosen during character creation. These include sicknesses, birth defects and other trials of medieval life.
* Added new achievements.


Negative Perks
You will need to choose at least 2 negative perks which will last throughout the entire game. Think of them as permanent debuffs that will make Henry's adventure in the world of Bohemia that much more difficult! And if you really think you have what it takes, go ahead and select every one of them.
Nightmares: Every time you wake up you are shaken from your nightmare and suffer a short-term debuff. Sleeping becomes more of a "tactical" choice.
Claustrophobic: When you close your helmet visor, your attack lowers. You have to choose between better protection or higher attack.
Hemophilia: You bleed more which makes taking hits in combat riskier.
Numbskull: Lowers your XP gain. A perfect perk for players who thought the vanilla skill progression was too fast and felt overpowered in the late game. It's more work to out level your opponents with this perk.
Shakes: For true sadists. Makes aiming a bow and picking pockets and locks harder.
Consumption: Your stamina regenerates slower. Combat is more challenging and requires thinking ahead of each strike.
Tapeworm: You get hungry faster, and since eating from pots around the world is no longer such a viable option, this makes the survival element even more prominent.
Sonambulant: Fun perk. There is a slight chance you will wake up somewhere else than where you fell asleep. Provides quite a challenge when you wake up in an unknown place and can't see your position on the map. Very rarely you can also sleepwalk your place to some secret areas.
Brittle Bones: You must be careful while running down cliffs and riding a horse. Falls are more dangerous.

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If hardcore mode related trophies feels easy. Try to get platinum on hardcore run. 


Those negative perks makes game feel really challenging. Fortunately main campaign isnt overly long. 


I'm going to return to Bohemia eventually. Mayby after that other dlc is released. 

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I thought of streaming my whole playthrough of hardcore trophy, unfortunately my internet is broken so I can't even download the patch, let alone stream...


I'm already planning some strategies ahead, mostly for early game character development, not sure how it will end up but I think it's very do able. Obviously I won't do many side quests.


Actually the perk that makes me most anxious is waking up in random places... Not going to be fun if you just sleep near your next quest and the second after you're lost in the woods. Also the the XP slower rate might be a real prick because I don't grasp the full condition of it. The rest is pretty meh. Well maybe the shakes too, lockpicking being a pain until you level it up, it makes it even harder, and you can't level it fast because you don't win as much xp, ahah... 

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My biggest concern is for "Trial-and-error" (Renew the whole of Pribyslavitz without being able to read): because of this trophy I'll have to play DLC in my hardcore run without being able to read; I'd have preferred playing DLC at the end of my actual run (with plenty of gold and no handicap) and then going for my second run (the hardcore one) learning to read quickly to grind money with alchemy.

But it's still doable tho.

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