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Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on my issue


So ive crafted about 10 or so things, wallet, weapon holder etc but when I go to the progess menu in the game it says ive crafted like 2/39 when in fact ive done about 10.  Same thing is happening with skills.  I have about 15 skill unlocked but in progress it says ive done 3.  Im just thinking If i unlock all skills but the progress reads a different reading like 20/44 for example the trophy might not pop


Ive also found about 33 posters in the Megan but the progress menu reads 8


I did play with no internet connection to my ps4 for quite some time on sunday so I think this might of affected the game maybe???


Anyway im more worried about the skills trophy.  I might have to start a new game?









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If you played with no internet connection that is probably why.  Load the game up while connected and it should sync your stats correctly.


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