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I found a good strategy for the last boss that may help someone.  At the start go to the top left corner, there is an explosive can (one you have to shoot). Wait for the brain to get in range, he came right to me every time, shoot it and it will instakill him.  Then find the heart and use your R1, depending on how much you have built up it can almost kill him.  Then just clean him up with a few shots.  Took about 15 seconds and much easier
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Oh man.. this final boss 😤 I'm starting to feel I'm destined not to finish the game.


4 attempts, 4 failures - despite knowing of this tactic (my last 2 attempts didn't have the explosive can in the top left). I sometimes struggle to locate the heart after killing the brain, and I also find that I start to panic once Cherry is under attack and quickly lose my lives..


I still feel my best attempt was my first. Subsequent ones just haven't felt like a 'clean' opportunity..




Typically, I finished the game on my next attempt. No explosive barrel top left, but managed to shoot the brain and found the heart right away - blasted him with 2 lots of RB and he was down.

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