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So i recently completed wave 50 on Guerrilla mode with ONE co-op partner and i thought i would share some of my tips that might be useful: 


-You only need one partner to complete this trophy, it is very doable and not that hard at all, of course having more players makes it easier but you will find yourself and your partner doing everything without any issue. 

-Play Office map, Recruit difficulty of course (cuz why make it harder than it should be?) 

-It is optional to clear the first wave in stealth without being spotted for Just a box trophy but it doesn`t matter as you will get this later in clean up (airfield map for me )

-Once you both are inside the HQ, have each player cover one entrance by taking cover next to it. 

-Make sure you both check the sides every once and a while as enemies will spawn there. 

-Save your killstreaks and airstrike as you will need them later, no need to use them at all, unless you are on Heli special wave. 

-Each 10 waves a boss heli will spawn, that`s when you will need to use an air strike or a guided missile to take it down easily. 

-After each wave, go refill your ammo and grenades/equipment ..  again no need to use those earlier just rack them up for later waves. 

-You can use your claymores if you had to it is really up to you, as each new wave you will get two more.

-Each 10 waves, you will switch areas between inside the office and outside on the roof.

-Once you are outside, have each player cover one entrance, one will take the entrance right in front of the HQ, and the other will keep and eye on other entrance which is far left from the HQ. 

- keep and eye on the HQ and your partner, you might want to clear an enemy or two before reviving your partner if enemies are around or inside the HQ but don`t take too long or he`ll die.

-Keep and eye out for Snipers on the buildings behind you. and a couple of MGs will spawn on the building on your far left. 

-If you can`t find enemies, use your sensors they are very handy.. Same goes to incendiary grenades. UAVs are useless don`t bother with them 

-If you were racking up grenades and equipment you will have plenty to use on later rounds as i said, AKA wave 40 and up

-Don`t forget to use your airstrikes on boss Heli 

-Night vision is very useful, especially when the cloaked enemies spawn after wave 40, press down on the D-pad to activate it. 

-Don`t panic if you see a shield coming towards you, get up close to him and a simple melee kill will take him down, melee is so OP use it whenever you get the chance.

-Keep using the same strategies when you switch areas every 10 waves, and don`t forget to refill ammo and equipment after each wave, maybe get a new weapon as well if you like

-when you reach last couple of waves  and you still have grenades, equipment or even killstreaks on you, use everything in your disposal as you will have 45 enemies to kill

-The whole thing takes about 4-5 hours depending on your and your partner`s efficiency. 


-Good luck, feel free to ask any questions you have in mind ;) 

-big shout out to my awesome partner QJIS was hella fun bossing it. 


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great tips يا اسطى


I just got the 50 waves trophy we 2 partners, it not that hard. 


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