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[LBPK] FYI: Mini Games are easier to 100% without any patches.

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Since I didn't see this information posted anywhere on this site, I thought I would share it to save some people from a potential headache.

For some strange reason the Mini-Game races in the story of this game are harder/ give less points per second if you use the most recent patch.

In most cases it doesn't really matter, but for the Training Wheels and Stuck in Jam mini-games very frustrating to 100%.

In the training wheels mini game I went from just barely getting over 40,000 points to easily getting over the 60,000 points needed on my first try.


Stuck in a Jam is still a terrible mini game and you still have to learn how to navigate but I went from earning like 3,000 points in the first minute to something closer to 6,000.

I have no idea if they intentionally made the mini games harder to make people by the TimeSaver DLC (which is no longer available) or or if it's some weird glitch they missed because no one really cares about mini game.

Either way if you're getting frustrated trying to do these 2 mini games to finish up the story mode, just go uninstall the patch and see if that helps.

How To uninstall the patch:


If you're using a physical version of the game just go into game data utility,  find the Little Big Planet Karting data, press :triangle:, and choose delete. 

If you're using the digital version you have to completely uninstall the game, then reinstall the whole game to get rid of the patch.

In both cases after you get rid of the patch, go into network settings and disable your internet connection. 

Now play the game offline and don't not reconnect your PS3 to the internet until you finish those 2 mini games.


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I was finally able to achieve the platinum trophy after deleting the patches.  No patches made completing the 10000 points on “Stuck in a Jam” waaay easier for myself.  Beforehand I just could not seem to get past 8000 on numerous attempts and I was getting very frustrated.  Someone else in these forums recommended deleting the patches and the rest is history.


So I concur, the mini levels are a lot easier this way.

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