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First little piece of important news after E3, mainly concentrating on new weeb games. And this year, it seems mainly on less proper platform. 

So, let's have a first look.


Among already announced games that finally have so-so confirmed release date are these two.


Long awaited VN is coming in 2019


Steins;Gate Elite

It's delayed to 2019, we don't get Vita version but at least we get Kousoku no Pentagram with it. We will have to see if as a standalone downloadable content or integrated in SGE.


428: Shibuya Scramble

A game that may have escaped your view, but it's the first one with a set date, September 7 of this year.


Here are two games that have their own discussions.

Already announced Kill la Kill game.


And the thing everyone expected!

New Uchi!



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20 minutes ago, Cryogenicide_X said:

Will 428: Shibuya Scramble get released in the UK?

As of now, I would expect it to be released in EU, since it was put in the recent blog post (unless they just copy past it from the US blog without editing the regional info, as usual...).


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More 2019 goodies. (no Vita obviously :( )


And something to prove that Vita is never going to die :awesome:


Not to mention obligatory otomexD


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