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I've noticed the luck changing randomly when I save at a healing spot and sleep at an inn. My question is, "Does luck affect capturing monsters?" Sometimes they run away and I just wanted to know if that affects it.


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It changes everytime you sleep at an Inn or heal at a green save point.

For what I can tell it affects chances to steal and chances to apply debuff effects attached to artes and skills.

It may affect drop rate, but that doesn't matter because stacking Item Finder skills can get you to 100% drop rate. Also, it probably affects Crit chance but thats another thing that is affected waaay more by stacking crit chance skills.


I don't think it affects monster catching rate. If you want to improve that, get a monstet with the Sync skill Gaze of Temptation.


I got this platinum not too long ago and I can tell you I didn't pay attention to the Luck stat at all, lol

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