Master Searcher before Skilled Searcher?

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Finished a play on expert difficulty all the way to the end, and popped the Master Searcher (finish all hidden object puzzles with no hints), but didn't pop the Skilled Searcher (finish six hidden object puzzles in a row with no hints).  How is that possible?  I began a new  game, and went through the first six again, but still no trophy.  Not sure what else I can do.  Anyone else encounter this problem, or something similar?




During a third try after uninstalling and then re-installing the game, the fact that the kestrel statutes were missing was weighing on my mind as an indication of the game not working properly.  Sure enough, the Master Searcher trophy did not pop.  So, I deleted my save files, and saved images, and uninstalled the game again, then rebooted (rebuild database option) my PS4, then re-installed the game again.  And lo!  The kestrel statues appeared!  I took this as a positive sign, and I was correct: the Master Searcher trophy finally popped when it was supposed to, and I got the plat.  Quite a lot of effort.

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