How many players in your region?

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So I finished whole Black Series with gold medals and Im all alone in my Region :D (for like last 30 tracks). Im one of the 7 people in Czech Republic. And even the fact that there is only like 1300 people from all over the world ... thats funny.
Being the creator of those tracks I would be angry that there is almost nobody who raced on those tracks :D

How about the rest of you?


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This comes across as a subtle attempt at at brag "hey look I beat this game and few people have"


I'd be more interested in the total players in regions (especially small regions) than how many are in the black series.


But to answer the question:

~100 In UK (I think?)

~40 Specifically in England

And I distinctly remember there being exactly 11 including me in my specific region towards the end.


As for overall, I'm curious to see how many thousands in my region played the game now, I might boot it up and check.


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