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This was the first video game ever released.

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Quick technical explanation: January 1st, 1970 is a special date in computing as it's the start of UNIX time, or the UNIX epoch. It's an ever-increasing number that counts the number of seconds that have passed since that date (in UTC). It's useful for storing timestamps in a universal format, and also for things like ordering by date or selecting everything from January 2018 for example.


It's also useful for storing release dates of games to name a random example, but if for whatever reason the release date of a game has the value of 0, it'll show as January 1st, 1970. ?

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36 minutes ago, Satoshi Ookami said:

Y2K38 would like to have a word :awesome: 

The number will still be ever-increasing, it's not like time will stop if some variable overflows. I think it'll be a non-issue. A lot of modern systems already calculate UNIX time as 64-bit instead of 32-bit. And a lot of systems also provide milliseconds. But diving this deep into it goes way beyond the 'quick technical explanation' which, of course, was aimed at less technical people. ?

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