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I might just be a very unlucky person, or this version of the game is too dead for people to have been complaining but I've just started this version of the game and various trophies have been glitchy already. The trophy for getting 30,000 Player Points wasn't unlocking for me when I played the game online and I had over 35,000 points, it unlocked after I entered offline training mode and backed out, the same thing applied to the trophy for fighting in all stages. I don't know what's up with this game particularly but there's a chance that they didn't program the requirements for some trophies to trigger while playing online, so you have to perform part of the requirement offline to get the trophy to unlock. I just hope that this won't affect any online specific trophy, as I'm still grinding my rank and then I have to accumulate all the online play time. I'm just putting this out there that some trophies that you get on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PS4 might not unlock straight away when you fulfil the requirement. I sure hope these glitches don't affect the trophies for performing 50 Crossover Counters and 30 Team Aerial Counters because they'd be incredibly frustrating to try to do offline. 


I now have all online trophies except the 30 hour trophy, but I did encounter minor trophy glitches. The trophy for winning 100 ranked matches unlocked at 103 matches won and the trophy for becoming 6th lord rank unlocked in the match after I got the trophy. I saw that my alt account who was hosting my matches was unlocking trophies on time, so I believe that the online trophy glitches might be caused by not hosting your own matches, so if you want to increase your chances of trophies unlocking on time on this game, you need to host the matches yourself. 


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