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Uncharted, Live action fan short film!


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8 minutes ago, Avatar_Of_Battle said:

Saw this the other day and Nathan Fillion was exactly as expected. However, I didn't like Stephen Lang as Sully. I always pictured Bruce Campbell as Sully for some reason.

Bruce Campbell is a man hero for sure!

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I saw this video 2 days ago and it was pretty cool. No idea about the actors but I thought the writing was pretty spot-on and true to the series. Liked the part where the camera focuses on the back of Drake as he shots his way out of the house. A clear nod to how the games play.


Pretty good overall for a fan film. It's a shame it only lasted 15 minutes though :)

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I’m usually not a fan of games turned into movies, but I saw this on Facebook, some days ago, and I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. It’s pretty loyal to the Uncharted formula. I’m familiar with Nathan Fillion, since I used to watch “Castle” and I think he portrays Drake perfectly. He may be a bit old for the role, but he’s talented, funny and handsome, so I can definitely see him as Drake. I wouldn’t mind this turned into a full movie, since I thought it was pretty interesting.

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I saw this the other day. It certainly looks very well done, and the scene where Drake jumps out the window and the camera pans round to that over-the-shoulder shot is a great nod to the games. Almost looks like it's taken directly from a scene in the games where the action transitions from a cutscene straight into gameplay. Fillion looks almost spot-on as an older Drake, though I'm a bit less keen on Elena and Stephen Lang's Sully.


I'm a little concerned that a full movie, were one to happen, wouldn't be able to equal the storytelling abilities of the Uncharted games. We've had 6 UC games to date, and each one has told a far grander story and had much more character development than any 2-hour movie ever could. You could almost consider the games to be movies in their own right, such is their narrative impact.

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