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Great work developers

Now when you start a ranked game you can see how many people are waiting and join lower ranking tournaments. Im gold so i can choose between bronze, silver or gold. Good thing because there is not a great playerbase online.

Owned the game now for a year and i still play it. Not everyday but i still collect my daily cut. Now level 285 and my daily cut is 9150. After a month you have 273K. A year 3000K. Ok almost impossible to collect your daily cut everyday but still its easy money. After 5 days a low level player collects 7K. After a month 210K.

I did it pretty well if i talk about my bankroll 8350K after a year. I must confess that i bought for 20€ in the beginning (325K). After hitting rock bottem not sky high but still a couple of millions to spare. My account now is worth more than 200€ if you buy the chips in ps store. 100€ buys you 3500K chips

Could even got more if i was a better poker player (bad beats) but also got Lucky. 

Still a great game in the genre if you remind that its a free game. 

And now there is even a billionnaire under the ps4 players. Looked at his profile and was missing 2 easy/medium trophies. Thats strange because i got those 2 with eese / LUCK. If you have won the lottery for real and spent 28600€ in ps store your also a billionnaire. Or he's the best player in the world or the luckiest. Hopefully i don't go all in with him he can miss it i don't.

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