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Hey everyone,


there is a pretty easy way to get the trophy right now. The item "The Crusher" has a passive where you get extra damage for your abilities. If you kill the enemy with the extra damage (the damage "tick" is yellow) 5 times in a game you will get the trophy. It is similiar to the old method with the damage-aura from the armor. You can die between the kills and they dont have to be in a row!


Easy way (only 2 people required and you need to be at least lvl 30):


- Find a 2nd person

- Change your play region to Asia or Australia and search Duel Ranked (can take some time to find each other)

- Select a champion with physical damage-abilites (i did it with Vamana)

- Kill the enemy 5 times with the extra damage (and not with the ability damage!)

- Done!


It is still working right now (Patch 8.12). Haven´t read anywhere else about this - so not likely it will get patched soon ;)  


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If anybody has any trouble getting this trophy currently you can use hide of the nemean lion and let the reflection damage kill 5 people for the trophy. It does work in duel 1v1


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