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The *new* way to farm Gold Crowns (4.00)

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So I am back from my 2 month hiatus from MHW with the goal of platinuming the game by this week.


So far I have gotten about 1-4 Large / Small Gold ?  for monsters that appear in EVENTS (on average).







You will want to do events like the 3 jagras' & all the 5 monster events in ancient forest ("Deep Blue Eyes"), wildspire event, coral event("Coral Waltz") & Elder Recess event. Sometimes you can get a ?  in the 3 monster run but rarely (so far Odagaron & Jagras are Small & Large ? Guarantees).


I have achieved THREE ps4 trophies in the last 8 hours for a total of over 25 ?'s. 


Events is what you want to farm now, not investigations.

Especially NOW with the SUMMER TWILIGHT campaign... Even more events are up so you can easily ? HALF your codex in a day.



Hope this has been helpful!

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i only care about black diablos and elders and so far no ones said anything about that revolt event helping - only the opposite.

obv the crown events are the best bet, but theyre not always up... so idk if i believe any correlation to "always do events" to "do the correct events". you seem to be saying the latter which most crown hunters should already know.

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If the description is has the text "this will be a huge boon to our research" it has a higher chance of giving you a gold crowned monster. And then there is a quest for Grat jagras, Kulu-Yaku and Odogaron that is certain to get you Gold crowns.

So far there is no event quest that boost Black Diablos, Nergigante, Kirin, Kushala Daora, Teostra or Vaal Hazak. Zorah Magdaros, Deviljho, kulve taroth and Xeno'jiva are not required for the trophy.

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As a lot of people in this thread have previously stated this is something almost everyone already knows about. So i’d just like to set the record straight. 

The music-themed 5 monster hunts all have greatly increased chances of spawning gold crown monsters. Every other event quest has fixed sizes so you either get a gold the first time you do the quest or never.

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This isn't a new method at all. I would suggest changing the title/get a mod to close the thread otherwise you're going to give people false hope.


Also, the events don't work for everything. As of now, they haven't done any crown events for the Elder Dragons and Black Diablos, so those will have to be obtained via Investigations.

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On 7/25/2018 at 7:44 AM, dokkanexpert said:

didn't see an events post


?   All this info plus more.


On 7/25/2018 at 8:24 AM, Undead Wolf said:

As of now, they haven't done any crown events for the Elder Dragons...


It’s not an event, but the special assignment “The Blazing Sun” is a guaranteed large crown Teostra.

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On 7/25/2018 at 0:24 AM, SlimSanta94 said:

This has been mentioned on like 4-5 threads since the first event quest was released in February and I mentioned it in your status update the other day.. This is nothing new.



It's called "spreading the word" man, relax.

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