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Does anyone know a good YouTube channel that explains the very basics of the Mechanics of Street Fighter 5 along with how to properly utilize all of the SF5 characters? I'd love to hear your recommendations.


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VesperArcade does great combo guides. He also goes over the basics of SFV. However, the basic mechanics tutorial videos are when the game was still early in release and some things have changed since then (Everyone has two V-Triggers now and the whole game got a nice giant update when Arcade Edition came out). Some things should still be applicable though. Some of his combos for some of the characters may no longer work due to character buffs/nerfs. So you'll have to try them out yourself to see if they still work. Sometimes it will just be a damage differential.


Here's the playlist:



TrueUnderDawgGaming also does great character breakdowns and/or combo guides. same things apply to him as Vesper.


Here's the playlist:



Unfortunately, neither channel has guides for all the SFV characters to date so you may have to do some digging on youtube if you're looking for any missing characters.


Hope this helps!


EDIT: Forgot to mention that the game itself has demonstrations and such for every character as well. They even have "trials" which serve as combo challenges!

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