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Fun and Worth it?


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Is this game fun enough to 100%? I saw the trailer for it but it just seems like trucks racing with no added power-ups or way to exterminate other drivers or take shortcuts or whatever. I'm not one for racing games, to begin with, but sometimes play the occasional ones that are a bit more quirky than the others or are more than just racing. Not sure if its worth my time and would like to hear more opinions.

This is the trailer that I saw:



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Well for me as racing fan (arcarde + simulations) it makes fun, because truck racing games are very rare so its a cool variety but i wouldnt pay more than 10 bucks on it.


Sure it is just a minigame and the tracks are very small and but you can choice several trucks and can tune and upgrade them.


You have to "drift" in each small turns by pressing the handbrake.


i havent raced an online race so far because off missing players...

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54 minutes ago, IrishGuyJay said:

I was thinking of installing this game; I have it in my library from PS+ a few years back. Does anyone know if the servers are still online?

Fifteen people have earned online trophies this month, so you can still earn them. Might be hard finding online matches though, so it’s likely you’ll need to boost them. 

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