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[Update] Wrong Place, Wrong Time Strategy + Video


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So, I finally got this annoying trophy and luckily I also found a trick to make it much easier and less frustrating. As we all know, the game randomly generates a new map each time you spawn in one of the 4 levels. However, if you exit the game to the main menu without dying or returning to the HQ, the game seems to save the currently generated map. This means that you "just" need to find one Siren grenade and you can try this trophy as much as you want. If you fail, simply exit the game and continue and try again. You still need to find one grenade in the first place, so its still some luck and randomness involved, but at least you dont have to find another one, if you fail.


Here is a Video Guide: 




Does anyone have some tips for this trophy? Right now it seems to be extremely random and luck based to me, which is really annoying. 


If I understood it correctly, you need to get a kill with one of these charged siren grenades, which sometimes show up in chests you open. 


The problem is, there is like 1 of these grenades in 100 chests you open (at least that's how it feels to me). I only had this happen like 5 times in my whole playtime and unfortunately, there was never an enemy close enough to die by the explosion. 


If anyone knows how to improve the spawn rate of these grenades, I would really appreciate some information about it. 

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On 6.12.2018 at 6:38 PM, Deaths_Trooper said:

Wow, no idea this trophy would be hard to get. I must have been lucky. Got it after playing for 10 minutes the first time.

The problem is that those hidden sirens spawn completely random and there has to be an enemy next to it and die. With this method, you can try this trophy as much as you want, when you first find a hidden siren.

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