Permadeath Taxi Service

By iamthedotcom in No Man's Sky,
  Important Note (1:44 p.m. CST, USA on 8/22/2019):

Hello Travelers!   The mighty @FarSideOfSaturn has been crushing it while I've been away. Seriously, please show him a ton of love and support.    It seems he has run into a bit of a snag though and some in the community are still needing a lift. I no longer own the game (had to sell it to fund the gaming habit lol), but will start trying to find a cheap copy. Unfortunately, all the stores seem to want at least $25, but I will check local Craigslist. I live in Missouri, so if anyone knows a cheap way to get the game let me know.    iamthedotcom & FarSideOfSaturn Taxi Service

Helping any weary Traveler quickly and easily get the two Galactic Center trophies (To Live Forever, Take a Deep Breath), as well as the base trophy (Reunion). 

What you will need:

1) Permadeath Save
2) About an hour's work following the tutorial. This should get your ship operational. 
3) Hyperdrive Installed (no other materials required). 4) Send me a friend request. You will be added to a large message group. For tracking purposes, please exit the message group when I have helped you. 
5) Headset is optional, but as long as you can hear me, I can walk you through it. 

Hours of Operation: 


Central Standard Time, United States   Also, I understand that my posted times do not work for everyone. I will be willing to schedule one-off times if absolutely necessary, but I just ask for some patience. In a few weeks, when demand for the weekend times goes down, I will schedule some short weekday times (around the first week of September).    Notes on Getting the Hyperdrive:    Without a Hyperdrive, you won't be able to Warp to the Center. The only ways to get a Hyperdrive with the NEXT update installed, are:   1: Complete the Tutorial and find the Blueprints for it. 2: Have the pre-order bonus ship installed. 3: Find a crashed ship and repair it. 4: Trade in your existing ship for a new one by bartering with an Alien pilot at the nearest Trading Post/Outpost.   Hyperdrive notes courtesy of @HuntingFever
Banner courtesy of @vincdel123 
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