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DLC trophies not unlocking


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I bought the Premium pack in a sale a couple of days ago but completely forgot that I already have the main game from when it was on Plus. Despite that, I was still able to purchase the pack with all DLC.

When I boot up the PS3 it says there's an error downloading my content, yet the content has downloaded as I got pop-ups saying so on the game's main menu and I can physically play on the DLC maps. But when I tried to earn a trophy (an easy one is just jumping off a building in one particular map) the trophy didn't pop.

I got an email from PayPal saying Sony cancelled a billing agreement and when checking my bank account I haven't actually been charged. What's going on?!

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Thanks for the quick response. There's no email from Sony cancelling the transaction and when I go to my transaction list on my account it's listed as purchased. All the items are still in my download list as well and won't go away. What do you mean by "handle your transactions"? I've emailed this to Sony as well earlier.

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You certain you had enough funds on Paypal when you purchased the DLC?


Go into your account: https://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com

Then enter Transaction History and check there


Check if your credit card information is correct and double check if your address information is also correct


(PayPal must have the same information for a transaction to work, sometimes Sony remove a purchase if they find out it doesn't.)

That is all I can help with sadly, you should Contact Sony for help.

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