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My IP got banned?

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I don't know if i'm posting in the right place, if not, sorry.


For some reason i'm not able to log into PSN on my PS3 and on my PC. It started yesterday at around 11pm. Since a lot of people were complaining that they couldn't log in, i figured that something was wrong with PSN so didn't think much of it. I've been trying to log in today in both my PS3 and PC for a while and still nothing. About 30 minutes ago, i decided to turn my phone into a router and suprise suprise i was able to log into PSN in my PC without a problem. So i figure that my IP for some reason got banned.


How do i proceed with this? Should i contact Sony or my ISP? Should i wait until Sony unban my IP? Should i try a proxy?


PS: If i log in via my mobile network and turn on my WIFI it stays on. But if i log off and try to login with my WIFI i can't log on. Just a "funny" observation.


PSS: No, Sony did not send me an email saying that they were banning my IP

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