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Sony Rewards Trophy Reward Discontinued ?


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I just see that My gold trophy award disappeared in my account. and can't be found in both in progress and no yet progress section. while Platinum and silver that i pending on progress still there. My guess that it maybe discontinue and what's still there is your last quota. If it is redeemed , it's gone for good.


Anyone have a problem like this or is it discontinued?

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17 minutes ago, Lovelost6rw said:

There is a 12 per year limit for each type of reward gold silver platinum.You may have hit your limit for gold for the year.

 I checked log and...  bravo my gold already redeemed 12 times.


mystery solved? But i was very sure i got way back then year ago.

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5 minutes ago, gamesfourever said:

Ye i knew about the US thing, but i thought that was 10$ store credit once u get 10 platinums. But here people are talking about gold and stuff. Am i misinformed or is there more to it?


There's three different rewards. 10 platinums for 1000 points, 25 golds for 250 points, and 100 silvers for 100 points.

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