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Custom Wallapers Creation


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Greetings, hope that somebody got the know how about smartphones (Moto X4 to be precise but hopefully usable with Any Smartphone).

Im working on a Wallpaper for my Moto X4, since i used to make Vector Wallpapers of Animes for PC desktops and want to move to more modern Times.

My knowledge about smartphones are rather embarrassing and all i can do is use them so i got not really much help with google about my questions.


I want to make a Dynamic Wallpaper where in front or on the Vectored Character certain parts glow up like the eyes turning red just as people made that stuff with GIF images.

My phones got a option for Live Wallpapers but honestly i didnt bother to download any so i dont know the difference between dynamic Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers.

I use PS-CS3 for the Vector so my knowledge of other software is none but im willing to learn if its possible to do what i have in mind.

Simply put i want to create a Dynamic Wallpaper like the PS3 had or PS4 Wallpapers with simple effects and need to know if its possible and if what kind of software would be suited.

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Thats the Original Image i use. I had to upscale the Size to 1080 x 1920 and mostly completed the Lineart.

What i had in mind was making the Turquoise parts of her clothes glow up in certain time intervals as well as adding flying dust particles in the foreground.

Not even sure if its possible to create a Wallpaper like that for mobile so thats why i ask xD

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