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On 2.08.2018 at 7:58 PM, FranciRoosters said:

The guide says that the difficulty for this game is 5/10. I have seen some footage but doesn't seem to be that hard. Those of you who've played it, how would you explain the difficulty rating to be 5/10? Thanks! 

What is your opinion ? I wanna start this game.

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i voted 5/10 on PST.


How difficult you find the game is all personal. You may breeze through FPS and struggle with driver games, or vice versa, if hack slash games are your thing then it may be easy, but if shooters are your thing it will be a bit harder.


There are tough bits - particularly in NG+ if you are going for the Platinum trophy - with tonnes of Butcher enemies at once, places where the enemies are invisible - and yes, you get more than a few invisible butcher enemies too - but it is doable with patience.


You may fail one area and have to retry it half a dozen (or more) times but you wil eventually hit a checkpoint.


5/10 seems fair.


But, as a game i'd give this high 8/10 - 9/10. Its a lot of fun.

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It's a decent game, it certainly doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. 


I'm sure some of that hate is due to the fact it can be a challenging game at times with a bit of trial and error involved but the checkpoints are pretty generous to make up for that. It's not like the base Dead Island games where you can brute force it a bit, this one requires a bit more patience, planning, and stealth as 3-4 hits and you're dead and some enemies like the butchers and dwellers can kill you extremely quickly. You can get overwhelmed very easily especially late in the game and during the Underwater Labs DLC with the dwellers but the game usually gives you escape routes when that happens. As you play, you start to get a feel for when you should fight and when you should flee and avoid enemies. The majority of the game you can completely stealth it which is kind of what the game wants you to do. Only fight when you absolutely have to and save ammo for the end. 


Definitely recommend downloading the Underwater Labs DLC so you get the assault rifle and it also gives you a ton of ammo. Makes the game a smidge easier. A 5/10 is a pretty accurate difficulty rating I would say. 

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