Hunt Issue, Fish wont bite, wrong lure???

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Hey guys :)

Right now I play Monster of the deep EU and CN version. With CN I reached yesterday the last hunt of hunterrank 7 (with this hunt I will reach rank 8). I have to catch 6 fishes with a typhoon lure, thats whats in the desciption of the hunt.

You can't confuse this, it's pretty simple and there is only one Typhoon type lure.

But when I start the Hunt and use the lure, the fish wont turn white (for using the right lure). they are yellow like it's the wrong lure. at first I thought it doesn't matter since I caught fish with "wrong" lures all the time. but the 6 pink fishes wouldn't bite. I cought all fishes and seegrass and everything on this map, the 6 fishes were the last thing left to catch and still wouldn't bite.

So I tried to use every lure existing in the game since I already purchased one of every kind. no lure turned the fishes white.

I restarted the hunt several times, the game several times and even turned off the console completely, played a different game for a while before getting back to this hunt.

Nothing helped, I can not complete this hunt.


Now my plan is to play my EU version to this point to see what will happen.


Can anyone help here? have you experienced something like this, do you have an idea to solve it except for starting a completely new game? :(

I'm desperate right now :(

Every idea is apreciated!


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