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Hello all, young and old! I come to you with a fun community... thing, project I guess... that anyone with No Man's Sky could take part in!


With the addition of owning bases practically anywhere, that opens a lot of opportunities for players to come together. My idea is, what if we all came together and created a town for PSNP members? I recently discovered an uncharted system which is sadly far from the center, but had a few interesting planets to explore. My personal favorite being a desert planet, which has become my goal to colonize. 


How do we get there? Right now you'll have to join another player in the system/in town being that players cannot learn new glyphs yet. (Should be fixed in 1.55) Once it's patched I'll gather the coordinates for nearby systems so you just have to warp over to get to the system. Being that it's uncharted, I don't believe the system is accessible by portal. If you're interested, leave a message down here with your psn or send me a friend request saying you'd like to join the town. 


Two last things, my psn is the same as my PSNP username and anyone who sends me a friend request will be removed after setting up in the town. I don't mean to be rude, but some friends already don't appear on my PS3, I don't want to bog that down further.


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If only we could have this giant weeb party without having to play No Man's Sky.

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