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''One is all i need'' trophy - dead island


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One is all I need 

Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow.

I've met the requirements for this trophy dozens of times, but no trophy. and when the counter shows up on screen it only ever says 1/5.  is there a specific weapon i'm supposed to use or something?


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I can't remember the exact name of the location, sorry, but in the jungle when you're in the native's camp trying to get a blood sample, you face waves of infected. I got this no problem.


Just looked it up, it's the "Man of Faith" mission.

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:hmm: i probably should have mentioned this earlier,  but i got the trophy earlier today after the first 2 posts .

the problem was, i was assuming that they were all infected. i finished story and didn't realize some had different names  :facepalm:

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I'll have to try and find it again, but I ran across an area in Moresby that seemed to spawn Infected at a ridiculously high rate.

It was near a waterway, there were ambulances parked beside it, and the Infected seemed to be spawning from a doorway that was level with some wooden scaffolding higher up.  

Anyone know what specific area that was offhand (or approximate area on the map)?  I forgot to make note of it myself because I was too eager to get out of there, then got distracted with a quest shortly thereafter.   -_-

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Is it possible to turn off the option for zombies to match your level, would it make it easier?

If you are a higher level and join a friends game that is lower level, i read and seen on youtube that this method will work. However, the trick is finding a buddy who wont kill the infected and kill everything else. then the trick is getting the infected to go after you and not them. So why it does solve the one hit kill issue, it brings up some other possible problomatic issues

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