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I know the answer is about 3 or so years late, but since getting it digitally on sale for a decent price, I can confirm buying digital Future Tone DX does give you the DX trophy list with a platinum.


However, sadly, buying this does not entitle to the original JP version Future Tone bundle or individual packs (Colorful Tone and/or Future Sound) or any of its Season Pass content (as a bundle and/or packs 1, 2, and 3 and possibly the Extra Encore pack), as all of that was delisted prior to Future Tone DX's release. (Unless those that were lucky to buy said DLC's previously, though expensive.) You can still however download the JP version of Prelude, but is impossible to 100% fully for new players since the original Future Tone DLC's are no longer available, since only the base trophy list (Prelude) is possible to complete.


This does not affect the English/Overseas (NA/EU) release of the original Future Tone as all of its contents are still available.


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I managed to do 100% on everything, even in the Japanese digital version. I didn't know they had removed the dlcs from the digital base version, luckily I bought them before.




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