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Can you not choose skirmish or elimination?


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Finally found them, took me a while sine they are under deathmatch and did not have their own category.


Tried starting death match but you cannot choose if you want to play skirmish or elimination its random everytime.

Is there an option im missing somewhere?

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1 minute ago, KennethMcCormick said:

iirc, you can state somewhere your preferred mode, but you can't really choose. So maybe you'll jump in the mode you wanted at first if a game is available, but afterwards it'll depend on the whole lobby's map votes.

Man getting those 2 trophies might be really anoying. Not only do you need to get lucky to get into the right match but also win it.

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Yup! Was a bit of a grind, and you're right, for us latecomers it's harder because some guys have been playing the game since day one and can just wreck you in two combos. But all in all it's quite OK, and it's 20 matches, neither 50 nor a 100 ;)


And seeing that you need to win both modes 20 times anyway, it will only be annoying when you'll be missing just the one.

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